Scorpius Security and Investigation Services Pte Ltd was established in 1973, and is licensed to provide security and investigation services in the Republic. The company is totally committed to security excellence and to this end, provides a total management approach with a team of trained and experienced management staff who have seen services in the Police and Armed Forces, and who possess the expertise to tailor security programmes to suit the specific and specialised needs of a client.

Security personnel of the company undergo rigorous selection procedures with emphasis on knowledge, experience, initiative, intelligence and temperament and are security-vetted with the Singapore Police Force prior to employment. They are trained and are constantly monitored by a Command Center, which is operated round the clock by experienced officers who are trained to offer advice and assistance during emergencies. All security employees of the company are covered by Workmens' Compensation Insurance. There is also a Public Liability Insurance Policy protecting the company as well as the clients.

The company, besides undertaking investigations involving infringements of trade-marks, surveillance, matrimonial, insurance, commercial and civil claims and status investigations, also provides a variety of security related services.